Marion Ross Ph.D

Marion Ross, holds a doctorate in Holistic Healing and Metaphysics as well as a Ph.D. in complementary and alternative medical therapies and transpersonal psychology, from Delphi University. She is a psychotherapist, metaphysician and teaches seminars in personal transformation, energy medicine, color and sound healing, Reiki, eft and other forms of healing.

She has recently co-authored 2 books entitled SHIFT: A Woman's Guide To Transformation and Shift: 12 Keys To Shift Your Life, with co-author Tracy Latz M.D., a noted psychiatrist from North Carolina.

Despite twenty five successful years putting in 12-hour workdays in international business, constant travel, daily physical activity, sports and a great sense of humor, Marion felt increasingly dissatisfied with her life. She had to be in constant motion and could never just "be".
Does that sound familiar?

Several years into her healing journey, it is now time for her to help others also find their Light in the darkness.
Marion's objective is to guide you on the path to optimal health, higher consciousness and emotional freedom and teach you how to access and sustain feelings of creativity, joy, peace and inner strength. She share tools and techniques to empower you to be able to better connect and communicate with others and form the most loving relationships with people that matter.

Marion resides and practices in the US., Paris and Grasse, France. She works with several other healers throughout the US, France and the United Kingdom.

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