Marion Ross Ph.D., Rh.D.(Doctor of RoHun)

RoHun Therapy


RoHun is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change. As an energy-based method of healing, RoHun blends both spiritual and psychological processes to access and clear blocks that have resulted from old negative thought patterns and life experiences that limit and sabotage self.

RoHun empowers you to consciously create new patterns that serve your highest good and allow you to develop to your greatest potential. RoHun takes you into a deep self exploration and connects you with a vitality and perception of your spirit. Rohun uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
This is a creative interaction between therapist and client as their energy fields are joined to bring about deep and insightful change and the accelerated evolution of consciousness.

Where do I begin? Individuals can begin with a RoHun Cleanse or go directly into RoHun Therapy

The stages of
RoHun are listed below. *RoHunCleanse

In this introductory session of the RoHun Purification Process, the RoHun Therapist works in each chakra removing blocks and transforming general negative thoughts and feelings of helplessness, fear, unworthiness and those of a self-deprecating nature. This session gives an opportunity to experience RoHun and build a bond of trust with the therapist.
(Not a prerequisite for RoHun Therapy)

Time: 2-2.5 hrs. $150 per hour.

*RoHun Purification This is a cleansing and personality re-integration that is the basic psychotherapy phase of RoHun.This process releases the negative emotions and thoughts that keep the individual stuck in negative behavior and feelings, blocking optimal self-development. In this process,the therapist performs thought surgery by assisting the client to recognize and to change emotions, thoughts, and patterns into healty, positive, and productive ones. Energy blocks are lifted from the chakras so that the vital life force can flow freely again,energizing the total being.

Duration: Three to five sessions to be given consecutively or within seven to 10 days.
Each session 2-2.5 hrs. Cost: $150 per hour.