Shift Your Life
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Our first book is available at Amazon. To order just click : SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life
Shift: A Woman's Guide To Transformation is at the publisher and will be in the bookstores in early summer.

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Below you will find an excerpt from our book.  The Mountain Meditation is helpful in times when you are facing a challenge in your life to remove the obstacle of self-doubt and inadequacy. 
Click on The Mountain Meditation below and press play.

mountain meditation (An excerpt from Key 7)

Each of the 12 Keys in our books address a specific obstacle:

Key 1. The Obstacle of Feeling Unloved

Key 2. The Obstacle of Guilt and Shame

Key 3. The Obstacle of Abandonment

Key 4. The Obstacle of Anger and Resentment

Key 5. The Obstacle of How We Define Our Self

Key 6. The Obstacle of Self-Love

Key 7. The Obstacle of Inadequacy and Powerlessness

Key 8. The Obstacle of Heartache

Key 9. The Obstacle of the Unknown

Key 10. The Obstacle of Stress

Key 11. The Obstacle of Habit

Key 12. The Obstacle of Self-discipline

Each Key includes at least one exercise and meditation for removing the obstacle being addressed and real-life examples of people who have used these techniques to shift their lives into gear.