Marion Ross Ph.D


Welcome To The World Of Healing!

Think of yourself as a being of energy as that is what we truly are. Our bodies consist of energy and by balancing our energy fields through various healing modalities we can promote wellness. Since the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit are all in constant communication with one another their inter - relationship determines our well-being. Unbalanced emotions, attitudes, thoughts and feelings can deplete our natural energies and can ultimately manifest as disease and other problems. When we experience disharmony in any one aspect of ourselves it affects the whole. Physical problems and disease are symptoms of other underlying causes, whether they are mental, emotional or spiritual. Better health and well - being can be achieved with a holistic treatment tailored to your individual, needs, desires and goals. Our holistic and psycho-spiritual approach to healing addresses all aspects of each unique individual.
We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you on your healing journey.

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